About Us

About Us

While going through Small Unit Tactics in the Special Forces Qualification Course, I found out the hard way that Ranger Handbooks are anything but tough.

Sure you can modify them with riggers tape, or keep them in a plastic bag, but at some point, you’re going to have to pull them out.

Cue the rain.

A few short showers later and all your hard work is reduced to a barely legible pile of paper mache.

After a similar situation (I drowned mine in my dump pouch after leaving my canteen cap loose) I thought there has to be something better out there than a sandwich bag.

There wasn’t.

So I decided I was going to make a Ranger Handbook that was indestructible.

Here at Fieldproof Prints we are proud to say that although our waterproof Ranger Handbooks aren’t quite indestructible, they’re pretty damn close.

Support Our Own

Fieldproof Prints came about out of necessity. We know the struggle military personnel go through on a daily basis, and having equipment fail on you just adds to the stress.

We support the military by building the highest quality products possible so that you can rest easy knowing what you purchase is reliable and can weather the storm.

All of our products are produced in Fayetteville, NC by military spouses.